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Welcome to ! represents reputed certified loose diamond dealers and manufacturers of diamond jewelry since 1990. We export loose diamonds and diamond jewelry to the U.S., U.K. and U.A.E. markets. Our products are well received and we have a growing family of satisfied customers. is known for the best cut & consistency in assortment and also for its commitment to stringent quality and perfection. Customers can count on our clear and comprehensive quality descriptions.

Combining high quality diamonds and jewelry, exceptional customer service, and expert advice, has successfully served customers. is completely committed to providing the highest level of service and products available. Since we deal in both low and high volume we have an enormous range of diamonds and jewelry in all varieties, for all occasions.

Our Loose Diamonds
We incorporate super deluxe quality diamonds with 18-22K gold in our designs to cater to every occasion. We use only the finest diamonds available.

Our center diamond on a three diamond engagement ring is premium cut and carefully selected; and our side stones meet or surpass the standards of the finest jewelry companies in the world.
Our Diamond Jewelry
Since 1999, has been an online jewelry expert. We manufacture jewelry in gold and platinum entrusted with diamonds as per customers’ needs and designs.

Our strong points are exquisite craftsmanship, traditional and modern designs which are handcrafted, appreciated and well received by clients.
DealerInDiamond .com was created with the consumer in mind. We are happy to provide you with expert information so that you can make the most informed decision possible. Whether you buy through or not, this site is a resource for the savvy, as well as an indulgent consumer. As opposed to most of our competitors, we DO NOT display a shared database on this web site. Understanding the needs of consumers gives us the edge in service. We try our level best to offer our online clients the best rates possible. never sleeps for you. You can send your selections through e-mail and order specific items online anytime.

For further information, e-mail us at,

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